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The all-new Husqvarna Z242F is the latest edition to the Husqvarna Z200 series Zero-turn-radius mowers. With cutting-edge construction, unique innovative features, and verified performance combine to make mowing enjoyable. Vertical Stand-on-Edge feature reduces the need for larger storage space and makes deck maintenance easier.

Their moniker comes from the dual hydrostatic transmissions that drive the side wheels independently—a single lever operates each transmission. Pressing both levers forward results in a straight course, while depressing one lever allows the mower to make a complete turn in a space the size of the mower. The main difference between lawn tractors and garden tractors is versatility. Lawn tractors are primarily used for cutting grass, while garden tractors may also plow snow, tow equipment, and perform other lawn maintenance duties.

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The CRAFTSMAN® R110 rear engine riding mower is designed for the busy homeowner and offers comfort, durability, and performance. It’s powered by a 10.5 HP Briggs and Stratton® single-cylinder engine and features a 30-in steel deck, that allows you to easily fit through gates and other tight spaces. Its 6-speed transmission, mid-back seat and soft touch steering wheel will help you power through the lawn on a 18-in turn radius with ease. The included mulching kit allows you to mulch grass clippings and return nutrients to your soil for a healthy lawn. Tackle your yard with ease and look back on a job well done with the CRAFTSMAN R110.

rear engine riding mower reviews

They provide good visibility and are easy to move around trees and flower beds. Even though they come at a higher price than the rest of the mower types, you’ll have the job done quicker than with any other type. Other machines might help you to do the mowing faster, but this electric riding lawn mower is also able to cut down as much physical effort as possible.

Rear Engine Riding Mowers Are The Entry

It provides a top forward speed of 3.8 mph and a top reverse speed of 1.1 mpg. It has a convenient fully electric start, so to get it going all you have to do is turn a key. Small lawns measuring ½ acre or less require a cutting width of less than 40 inches. For lawns ½ to two acres, 42- to 48-inch-wide decks work well. If the lawn is larger than three acres, search for a cutting deck 50 inches or broader. The front engine riding mowers or garden tractors are designed to take care of heavy-duty stuff efficiently.

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The ZTR mowers are great when it comes to mowing needs of more than 2 acres of land. They come with a large size deck that ranges in between 48 to 60 inches. A wider deck ensures reduced mowing time as it cuts more area of grass in each lap.

Safety Tips For Using A Riding Lawn Mower For Hills:

Any special considerations that are unique to riding mower itself will be highlighted. Prevent animals or children from getting close while cutting, and wear clothing and gear that will protect your skin and eyes from branches, debris, or the sun. There are a large array of attachments available on the market that can be used on a riding lawn mower.

rear engine riding mower reviews

Mover mowers are a category that’s a little bit different compared to the others, as they sit a few inches above the ground, on an air cushion. They are super easy to maneuver and can move in any direction. That makes them pretty efficient around obstacles and they are pretty cheap as well. However, their lack of power makes them unsuitable for large yards. When deciding to attach accessories, do not forget to read manufacturer’s recommended weight and type of accessories to tow behind.

Benefits Of Electric Riding Lawn Mowers

It has a gas powered, Briggs & Stratton 875 OHV, 190cc engine with an electric key start. The engine supplies enough power for a top forward speed of 3.8 mph and a top reverse speed of 1.1 mph. Its gas tank holds a third of a gallon, enough for most medium sized lawn care jobs.

The bigger the mower, the larger the shed, garage or outbuilding you’ll need. There’s a fuel capacity of eight gallons and robust fenders incorporating storage, a battery compartment, and that all-important cup holder. A trailer hitch, hour meter, and headlights are included as standard.

This feature is perfect for maintaining the whole yard, even flower beds, and areas along the fences. The 20-inch cutting path with EdgeMax™ deck design provides up-close cutting along fences and flower beds. This feature is perfect for yards with such obstacles since it won’t leave even the slightest part of the lawn unmowed.

rear engine riding mower reviews

For these reasons, many manufacturers prescribe users the standard degrees of slope to run them. Also, be aware up front that this machine cannot create those attractive parallel lines that a human using a ride-on or push or walk-behind mower rear engine riding mower reviews can. On the plus side, this robotic product was surprisingly easy to get set up and mowing. This model uses bump-and-turn navigation, and although we’ve heard some garden destruction horror stories, it worked quite well in our experience.

The Husqvarna’s MZ series of zero-turn mowers features a 61-inch cutting deck to handle your residential or light professional lawn maintenance. The 24-inch HP engine comes in a heavy-duty steel frame, a roll-over protection system with commercial-style hydraulics. The performance and style provide comfort with a cutting-edge design. The proven performance and innovative features combine and make mowing the yard fun, not a chore. The zero-turn mower has an air-induction system that draws air from the top and bottom of the deck it improves your grass and delivers a superior cut. Plus, it comes with a 42-inch blade that allows you cut grass on a wider radius.

That will mean that lower cost options will be just as capable of giving you good results. And remember to consider the route between your garden and wherever you’re storing your mower. If you need to pass through any narrow gateways, a wide deck may be a problem. On the other hand, if you’ve got ten acres to mow, it’s probably worth widening that pesky gateway.

Stamped Steel Cutting Deck

60% of the reviewers on Amazon have given this Troy-Bilt model a 5-Star rating and 26% have rated it 4-Stars. These rave reviews are the reason Amazon has included this mower on its #1 Best Seller list. It is the ideal product for homeowners who want a sturdy reliable mower for residential lawns. Residential lawns are relatively flat and usually no bigger than an acre; the TB30R is designed to meet these expectations. The TB30R has a soft padded steering wheel and an adjustable steering column.

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Corded electric lawn mowers are considered the traditional choice, and it’s why they are present on all best lawn mowers for small yards lists. Needed to replace a very old rear engine rider, so glad to find one still. Operate the riding mower on dry grass if possible and remember that moist grass or mud can affect the blade or can cause the mower to get stuck. It is safe practice to mow up and down a gradient instead of across it. Rear engine design lessens heat build up between the operator’s legs during use.


Dual independent steering allows you to control each wheel separately by increasing the maneuvering. No matter if you’re a beginner or experienced user with our careful selection of the best riding mower for sloped yards is definitely going to change your mowing experience. But when it comes to efficiency, a riding mower can get the job done almost half the time as a walk-behind mower.

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With a pair of 6-inch wide pneumonic front wheels and two massive rear wheels, the MZ61 cruises over uneven terrain. A comfortable seat and oversized chassis keep the ride stable and comfortable for the operator. This mower has some great ergonomic features including a supportive high-back seat. Together with the smooth driving hydrostatic transmission, it makes this mower comfortable to ride for hours at a time.

Wide 10-inch rear wheels and 7-inch front wheels ensure the mower will move on any yard. 18-inch wide cutting path and 0.5 to 2.75- inch tool-less adjustable cutting height. It can turn anywhere, hence ideal for mowing lawns with obstacles like rocks or garden accessories. HI VAC Mower Deck efficiently trims the class grass and sucks up the grass clippings for a neat finish. Its remarkable mower blade and rolled deck edge together generate a large amount of air to induce suction. ClearCut fabricated deck design attributes a welded 10 gauge steel blade with extra reinforcement streaks for utmost durability.

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