2020 Review Of BooksTime Payroll

BooksTime review

Users can also add extra benefits into their solution such as 401s or 529 college savings FSAs. There are no administration fees included if you want to add your workers’ comp plans and their health benefits into the payroll.

Small businesspeople are already struggling with the concepts, and they don’t need to fight with their application, too. Every current service we’ve reviewed does a good job of simplifying this onerous process. It rarely puzzles you about what’s needed on any given screen and what the next step should be. But that’s about the only criticism I have of BooksTime’s user experience. Payroll is no one’s favorite accounting task, and anything you can do to make the user experience more pleasant is welcome. BooksTime offers the best user interface and navigation system of any service I’ve reviewed.

BooksTime Payroll Software Review

They are going to cause a business to go under with how they are conducting their business. I have had to start running a manual payroll because I cant rely on their services that I pay for on a monthly basis. The BooksTime Help Center is accessible directly from the payroll dashboard and includes a searchable knowledgebase as well as access to a variety of payroll related categories. A FAQ page is available as are detailed instructions on payroll setup.

What is the easiest payroll software to use?

Easiest to Set Up BooksTime Payroll
If you’re already using BooksTime for accounting, then BooksTime Payroll is our easiest to set up option, as everything will be automated, and it’s going to be an BooksTimeive program for any BooksTime user.

With more than a decade of accounting and finance experience, Charlette has worked side-by-side with HR and accounting leaders to establish and help implement payroll best practices, controls, and systems. Her experience ranges among retained earnings balance sheet small, mid-sized, and large businesses in industries like banking and marketing to manufacturing and nonprofit. You can send offer letters, review the onboarding checklist, and even review documents all from the Hiring page.

BooksTime Can Run On Autopilot!

If your company has existing benefits providers, you can transfer their management to BooksTime, which simplifies payroll deductions and eliminates the need to use multiple platforms and support teams. Or you can let BooksTime help you choose the best plan for contra asset account your needs. If you’re starting fresh with BooksTime, you’re just about done with setup at this point. But if you’re switching from an existing payroll method or application, you have to provide your payroll history so that your records are comprehensive.

With plans starting at $15 a month, BooksTime is well-suited for freelancers, solopreneurs, and small-business owners alike. BooksTime’s benefit add-ons are available most places, but not everywhere. Depending on where you live, if you want to bundle BooksTime health plans with payroll, you could be out of luck. BooksTime offers https://bookstime.services/ more than affordable plans and smooth automation; several other features make it well worth your while. BooksTime truly is one of the best cloud payroll software we’ve had the pleasure of using. It’s got plenty of perks for Payroll and HR benefits that will solve most of your HR headaches at a click of a button.

BooksTime review

In general, customer service is actually very responsive and professional, and I found this to be the case when I called them with my query. While it has low reviews on Trustpilot and the BBB, it is rated highly on sites such as CapTerra (4.7 Stars). The question arises as to whether it has gone downhill and the reviews will follow, but I believe BooksTime has a bright future. I think that it has all the integrations that a business owner could need, but if you do rely on some specific and niche applications, then you might be out of luck in terms of integrations. You really need your accounting and project management tools to be able to sync with payroll and HR, as much as possible.

Instead, you can let BooksTime do the work for you but at a quicker and more accurate pace, giving you more time to focus on other administrative tasks. Another significant aspect of this solutions is data analysis and reporting. Users can see reports directly on the screen instead of having to download them as CSV or PDF. BooksTime seamlessly integrates with many major accounting, time and attendance, and expense systems, including BooksTime, BooksTime Online at BooksTime, and BooksTime. Charlette Beasley is a writer and editor at Fit Small Business focusing on payroll.

BooksTime Overview

It is very well designed and you can assess the platform on any browser as well as on mobile applications. The dashboard is neatly displayed including your to-do items. Reminders and employee details can be found by navigating to the left-hand side of the central page.

Can I do payroll myself?

Doing payroll by hand is the least expensive payroll option. You don’t have to pay a professional or purchase a program. When you manually run payroll, you have full control over your payroll. But, doing payroll yourself likely means you don’t have someone to check your calculations.

ADP is the long-time industry leader in the payroll space, with customized offerings for businesses small and large. BooksTime has versatile solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. Whether you simply need to get a basic payroll system in place or outsource all your business’ HR functions, BooksTime will be https://bookstime.company/ able to work for you. Employee tax forms are automatically filed at the end of the year, and can be accessed at any time. Since BooksTime only allows for two pay periods per month, you won’t have the option to pay employees on a weekly basis. We tried BooksTime and compared it to other payroll services on the market.

Click the Time Off tab, and you’ll see related requests and policies, as well as a tracking history. The Documents screen contains a list of HR forms the employee has completed and signed. You can add and view Benefits by clicking on that tab and keep private notes under the Notes tab. I am a natural-born connector, known for long-standing and effective business partnerships. I am fuelled by my passion for human resources and my genuine love of connecting with others.

Tactic #2: Create A Hiring Committee To Ensure Consistency

In addition to all this, BooksTime is also super user-friendly and easy to set up — in fact, you can get your payroll up and running in as little as 45 minutes. For all these reasons and more, BooksTime easily earns a 5/5 for overall value. BooksTime makes it easy for employees to access their payroll information—even after they leave the company. Payroll specialists like BooksTime not only help you pay your employees but also take care of ongoing payroll taxes and year-end tax forms. BooksTime offers many of what are retained earnings the same features as BooksTime BooksTime Online Payroll, so really it comes down to your preference and what kind of accounting process you have with your business. In addition to an extensive list of features and services that BooksTime Payroll offers, it also integrates seamlessly with other accounting and bookkeeping software. The great thing about BooksTime is that you can try out their software free for one month, and if you like the service you can expect to pay the following pricing plans.

I do NOT recommend them if you need additional support in employee benefits or fixing reporting errors. We were forced to manually file and correct several payroll filings even though the payrolls were run through BooksTime, because their “software” would not allow them to make these corrections. You don’t have a dedicated person/team so your issues go to a new person and you have to explain an issue over and over. While you’re thinking about your bottom line, you should also check out our roundups of the best online accounting services and tax software. You pay contractors separately, using a similar wizard-like tool.

  • In general, customer service is actually very responsive and professional, and I found this to be the case when I called them with my query.
  • Overall, BooksTime’s payroll feature handles all aspects of regular payroll tasks.
  • This means that employees can log in to their accounts even after they have left your company.
  • Changes made after the 24-hour period will be applied to the next payroll cycle.

The features are easy to use and If I want to add a new employee, I just click to set up a new employee BooksTime helps me step by step through everything that needs to be done. Keeping up with tax season can be a challenge for small business owners, especially if they don’t have a proper HR department. However, BooksTime is a better alternative for business owners to employ. With its centralized and integrated platform, you can expect your taxes to be filed with the right government agencies and for your employees’ benefits to be synced in with their payroll.

Getting started with BooksTime is easy and for free when you sign up through their one-month trial period. Then walk through the actual offer details more privately with the candidate. At BooksTime, the hiring manager or the recruiter handles this part of the conversation. Early stage founders are heavily involved with every single hire. They are in each interview from the beginning for obvious reasons, perhaps not even realizing that this provides a quiet undercurrent of consistency that steadies the ship. Then at a certain size, the founder’s plate gets more full, the pace of hiring picks up and suddenly it’s no longer feasible to meet with everyone. The only thing that I don’t like about BooksTime is that commuter benefits are handled on a separate website that requires you to create another account to manage them.

And BooksTime payroll syncs perfectly with BooksTime’s billing feature so you can easily balance accounts and track employee pay. BooksTime’s clear interface, affordable pricing, and full spectrum of tax filing assistance also ensure you have more time for your business while worrying less about potential payroll mistakes. BooksTime recently added a $19/month plan geared towards small-business owners with one or two employees. The plan is currently live, but it’s still being beta tested. We’ll keep an eye on the new plan and update this page as BooksTime hammers out of the details.

Customer service used to be great, I don’t know if they started to outsource their team, however, if they have they need better training and communication skills. I feel terrible having to post this but after using this service for almost 4 years I have seen this company at its peak and at its current lowest. BooksTime has a great online portal for accountants and employees. They were excellent several years ago, but seem to have grown too fast and let their customer service rot. Now we use BooksTime and let me tell you, it’s like another world.

Fast forward to today, and BooksTime boasts more than 100,000 small businesses on its books and has processed tens of billions of payroll dollars. Running a small business can be challenging and complicated work… especially without the right tools to help you expand. If you think nothing is scarier than running a small business, try making an error on an employee’s paycheck. You can access additional information and step-by-step instructions for a variety of topics ranging from initial product setup to accounting and integrations.

Because BooksTime offers a diverse array of services, it can be tricky to compare them with others. Its payroll services definitely stand out as this part works flawlessly. Employee self onboarding and automatic tax reporting are also truly helpful to people trying to save time and money. It’s the benefits and the HR package that need to be assessed. Paid Time Off – Depending on your service plan, BooksTime can handle some or all of your PTO management. Employers can set up policies for vacation and sick time and then track employees’ accruals and balances.

Designed for small teams who want a simple solution and an easy-to-use payroll, Core is priced at $6 per person with a $39 base price per month. Users can benefit from the most basic features offered by BooksTime.

BooksTime review

With this powerful platform that combines payroll, benefits administration, and core HR, it is easy for an organization to pay workers, calculate taxes, and manage health benefits. All of BooksTime’s payroll plans are full-service plans, which means BooksTime handles tax-related payroll services for you.

Our priority at The Blueprint is helping businesses find the best solutions to improve their bottom lines and make owners smarter, happier, and richer. That’s why our editorial opinions and reviews are ours alone and aren’t inspired, endorsed, or sponsored by an advertiser. Editorial content from The Blueprint is separate from The Motley Fool editorial content and is created by a different analyst team. Supplemental pay is a variable payment from bonuses to sales commissions made to employees. Here’s how supplemental pay works and how to handle withholding tax.

Accountants can choose from four BooksTime plans that vary based on how many clients they have. Every BooksTime accounting plan comes with a month-long free trial and a dedicated advisor. However, BooksTime Basic is still in beta-testing mode, so be prepared to encounter some glitches and bugs. If you’re not willing to risk a botched payroll run, we recommend skipping this plan until it’s more established. The plan also lacks two-day direct deposit and accounting software integration. Instead, you’re stuck with four-day direct deposit and miss out on automatic payroll runs, health insurance add-ons, and time tracking. But the time it takes to hit the bank account of your employees might vary.

“BooksTime is a comprehensive payroll, benefits administration, and compliance management solution.” With BooksTime, you can automatically track, review and approve your team’s working hours. With BooksTime, you are able to pay your employees every week on a specific day of the week .


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