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Deputy And Xero Integration

Call centres Easily schedule call centre and customer support teams.Hospitality Easily manage shift workers with streamlined scheduling and time tracking. Staff rota software Create fully costed employee rotas and share instant updates via web or mobile. Scheduling software Create fully costed employee schedules and share instant updates via web or mobile. “Fantastic intuitive time keeping software which works hand in hand with Xero.” “Deputy have allowed me to streamline the fortnightly payroll process.”

  • This might happen if you have connected those Xero companies to this Deputy account in the past.
  • It has been great being able to tap into those skills as needed.
  • Employees are unable to see their colleague’s future approved leave applications meaning it’s hard for them to plan their own holidays around co-workers.
  • Time tracking software Record accurate timesheets and attendance to make payroll a breeze.Deputy mobile app Run your teams remotely without missing a thing.
  • This causes issues on employee pay slips as each day of leave is added as a single entry and makes for a very long pay slip and not as clear as displaying just the consecutive block of leave taken.

Odoo is a leading suite of business applications and one of the fastest-growing software vendors in the world. Founded in 2005 by Fabien Pinckaers, its current CEO, Odoo is one of the most installed cloud business applications with over 5 million users and 2,000+ installations/cloud databases created each day. KeyPay has partnered with Beam to make processing payroll and superannuation simple. Beam is the new product that’s designed to save you time by managing super payments within KeyPay. NoahFace is a time and attendance solution using facial recognition technology. It reduces the clock in/out process to seconds, avoids queues and employee frustration during peak periods, and eliminates “buddy-clocking” and fraud.

As a complete novice to payroll Deputy has been amazing. I’d say if you have a casual workforce with different shifts every week, clock-on & clock-off requirements, and no annual leave applications to process then Deputy would be awesome. But for a permanent workforce with regular predictable rosters and leave applications to process, things could be much easier than what they currently are.

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To sync your leave balances from Xero to Deputy, you can do so with one of our additional extensions found here. We employ a lot of contractors paid on an hourly rate based off of timesheets/invoices. At this time we send the whole award to Xero when you export Timesheets. contra asset account If this is proving to be a challenge for you, I recommend that you send your feedback to our Product team by selecting the “Help” menu in Deputy and then selecting “Feature Suggestions”. Deputy has no control over what shows on the employee’s payslip in Xero.

Deputy And Xero Integration

Developers will be familiar with the same pattern being used as the other Xero and payroll API endpoints. The same OAuth process is utilised, but with the addition of granular permissions. We recommend adding them as employees if possible to make the most of the Xero integration to export timesheets. Can i use the award rates in deputy but when exporting to xero want to keep the hourly rate in Xero? I want to use Deputy to ensure the hourly rate we pay is high enough to cover the penalty rates in the award. Yes, you can configure employees with various different pay rates, including fair work awards, salary and basic overtime rates.

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Our software’s power, simplicity, and mobility has earned us 250,000 happy customers — who are our greatest advocates. You’re making life easier for your teams and helping them provide better service. Deputy calculates overtime, penalty rates, leave loading, and salary costing with every shift. Easily push collected timesheets via the Kiosk Deputy And Xero Integration or Smartphone App into Xero in a matter of seconds. Sync your existing employee details from Xero straight into Deputy for a quick and easy start. Also, the CEOs videos on the website are probably the greatest intro to a piece of software of all time. Awesome to see a forward thinking company that does things with a sense of humour.

Use Zapier to connect Typeform, Google Forms, or other form apps to Xero, and automatically create contacts when someone submits a form entry. Zapier allows you to instantly connect Xero with 3,000+ apps to automate your work and find productivity super powers. The ‘Name’ field will auto-fill based on the data pulled across from Xero. The email and phone number fields will auto-fill if applicable. When this is done, toggle whether those with email addresses will receive the Deputy invite email. Then head to your business and navigate to the Locations tab. Click ‘Edit Settings’ on the location you would like to connect to with Xero.

When WorkflowMax and Zendesk work together, the time widget lets your support agents enter time in the ticket they’re working on. He spends most of his time thinking crazy things about Deputy and how it will change the world. These Xero integrations will certainly make a big difference in how you use Deputy and Xero. Creating a new supplier in Xero will auto create that supplier as an employee in Deputy. Creating a new customer in Xero will auto create that customer as an area in Deputy.

Deputy And Xero Integration

Deputy is an amazing product with fabulous and responsive support. They have been working with us to enable the integration with Xero to work seamlessly. We have been using Deputy in conjunction with Xero from the 1st of July 2014. The support we have received from Deputy has been fantastic, they are there immediately and have been able to fix things CARES Act in the background that might have taken us a good amount of time to do. Thank you Deputy team for your continued support great job. The team communication board is great to use, and is effective in getting messages across to staff members instantly. Deputy certainly has helped our company in regards to our retail operations of store staff.

NoahFace provides deep integration with KeyPay that leverages your employee list and roster, and works seamlessly with KeyPay’s live view and timesheet processes. Odoo Odoo is a leading suite of business applications and one of the fastest-growing software vendors in the world. Saasu Saasu is a fast, easy, and clean accounting package that allows you to manage your business in the cloud. Save time and improve the accuracy of your payroll by importing data directly from WorkflowMax. Combine this online payroll system with WorkflowMax timesheeting for an effortless payroll process. TimeSlice is a time management tool for teams of any size.

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By default, the system will connect the Xero integration with all OfficeRnD locations. Pull Charges- you can configureOfficeRnDto automatically pull reconciled payments fromXero every 6 hours and mark the invoices as paid on the OfficeRnD side. Sync- the customers’ profiles and the generated invoices are synced withXero. During the integration setup, you can choose whether to sync invoices automatically or manually. With ServiceM8’s Open API and SDK , you can engage certified developers to build custom connections between ServiceM8 and third-party apps or software. Connections work on a cause and effect basis – you can set the software to detect a certain event in one app, which will then “trigger” a certain action in another app. Save time on marketing admin with daily syncing of all client email addresses in ServiceM8 with your MailChimp mailing list – just set and forget.

Deputy And Xero Integration

For businesses with multiple locations and types of employees, this kind of automation saves countless hours and payroll errors. When an employee’s pay rates or any other details are updated in Xero, it is then necessary to refresh that employees Xero integration in Deputy. If there are any approved time sheets that the new details apply to, the time sheet will need to be unapproved and then re approved before exporting to Xero. The integration can be refreshed by following the video below.

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The main rule to remember is that everything is on a location basis. For each each location in deputy, you will need a integration to Xero. Navigate to the Export Timesheets page, select the timesheets you would like to export, then click ‘Export Selected Items’. To export to Xero, ensure that you have timesheets to export.

Ferret is an online document management system that synchronises with WorkflowMax to improve the way you manage emails, photos, documents and invoices. Save and share large files with clients and staff through the WorkflowMax/Dropbox integration. This CRM provides prepaid expenses sales and account management tools to maximise the lifetime value of your customers. A beautiful, fully featured time tracking app that integrates seamlessly with WorkflowMax. Say goodbye to switching between systems and hello to a better workflow.

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The integration with Xero is superb, it even picks up my Saturday and Sunday categories on Xero with no extra effort on my part. I’ve been told that the NZ payroll is not so extensive so that might also be a reason for the different reviews. It works, setting it up is easy and painless and I don’t have to resort to paper time sheets. There are definitely some things I would improve UI wise with Deputy itself, but the integration seems to be faultless.


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