Tyler Posey speaks How He and Lucy Hale Got during that Creepy AF Intercourse Scene in “Truth or Dare”

Tyler Posey speaks How He and Lucy Hale Got during that Creepy AF Intercourse Scene in “Truth or Dare”

The “Teen Wolf” star dishes to Seventeen.com about this and much more!

Your two tv program addictions — Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars — ended in quick succession year that is last it had been damaging AF. The main one bright part is that she or he Wolf and Pretty Little Liars faves, Tyler Posey and Lucy Hale, are featuring when you look at the brand new frightening film called Truth or Dare. And does it not feel great to possess Scott and Aria straight back on your own display?!

In this film, Tyler and Lucy perform Lucas and Olivia, two university seniors whom have sucked into a game that is sinister of or dare with their buddies while on springtime break in Mexico. As soon as the group returns from their journey, they understand the video game has followed them home. Someone — or something — begins possessing them and making them expose deep, dark secrets that may destroy friendships or bold them to just take risks that are life-threatening. They will have no option but to relax and play because they die a gruesome death if they don’t do a dare or tell the truth.

In the event that you remember, Tyler and Lucy thoroughly creeped out of the internet that is entire the film trailer when Lucy’s character becomes possessed in the exact middle of a hookup and starts strangling Tyler using this creepy AF smile on her face.

It is no key that shooting sex scenes isn’t the many experience that is comfortable but include these creepy smiles into the mix, and. DANG! How did Tyler and Lucy cope with shooting it?

We got the opportunity to take a seat with Tyler to talk things Truth or Dare in which he unveiled that making their possessed laugh face really came pretty effortlessly to him, because he did fundamentally the thing that is same six periods of Teen Wolf.

“that smile that is possessed started from a concept from our manager, Jeff Wadlow. He’d this notion arrive at him as he had been a young child as he utilized to draw these smiles,” Tyler shared concerning the inception regarding the smiles that will certainly haunt your nightmares. “It ended up being variety of certain as he ended up being wanting to relay the theory to us. It absolutely was love, ‘Okay, I notice it together with your chin down, you are looking through the whites of one’s eyes, and you also smile without any teeth.’ And I also had been like, ‘We accomplish that all of the right time on Teen Wolf. Seems great. That is an extremely Teen Wolf types of pose.’ therefore i was super into the concept. It made feeling if you ask me.”

Nevertheless, their Teen Wolf training definitely don’t make maintaining a straight face during their terrifying intercourse scene with Lucy effortless.

“the facial skin is embarrassing if you are really carrying it out since you have no idea just how it is going to try looking in the version that is final of film,” Tyler told Seventeen.com. “That scene particularly where Lucy and I also are receiving a sex scene and she is expected to have that face and choke me — it really is difficult to maybe not break and start laughing because carrying this out,” he said, making the facial skin, “It appears odd.”

But using the services of an amazing partner like Lucy made things easier.

“We got through it. We were extremely respectful actors, and respected one another, therefore we would not laugh at the other person. unless we were done. When they said ‘cut,’ then we laughed all we desired,” he shared.

Actually, Tyler could not stop gushing regarding how great it absolutely was to work alongside Lucy after years of crossing paths on red carpets at tv prize shows.

“Sometimes being on a long show for a long time or simply just achieving this for a time as a whole, you will get just a little jaded,” Tyler shared. “She would not have any hint https://datingranking.net/croatian-dating/ of the at all. She had been a truly, actually, good frontrunner. Constantly down seriously to do such a thing. Would not grumble concerning the extended hours that people worked and offered it her all each and every take. I became super amazed.”

The fact Tyler and Lucy got along so well behind the scenes probably contributed with their chemistry that is insane on. Their figures, Olivia and Lucas, absolutely have actually a plain thing for every other within the film, however the issue is, Lucas is totally dating Olivia’s bestie Markie.

“That love triangle is actually interesting because Lucas could be the man you wish to see Lucy’s character with,” he admitted concerning the complicated chemistry between the friends. “You want them become together. They look like they are suitable for one another. They may be both good judgment thinkers. They both look like they truly are the heart of this team. But just what’s interesting is the fact that love triangle is just a little different than you’ll think also it goes an alternate method than you’d think.”

Could Scott and Aria, i am talking about, Lucas and Olivia, autumn in love in the screen that is big? You will need to go see Truth or Dare when it strikes theaters every-where 13th to find out april!

You could get a flavor regarding the terrifying action by clicking play on our exclusive clip through the film below. On it, Lucas, Olivia, and Markie have discovered the mystical complete stranger whom lured them to the lethal game of Truth or Dare and they’ve got to persuade him to assist them to end the overall game — something which’s maybe not likely to be effortless considering he does not trust them one bit. Take a visit!