What exactly is yubo. Guide text ( Maintained text, utilized as guide ) : records: (Jooo, 2019-07-21)

What exactly is yubo. Guide text ( Maintained text, utilized as guide ) : records: (Jooo, 2019-07-21)

A tiny, fairly slow moving omnivore that is dog-like bred by Matis manipulators to supply company and activity to homins, along with a supply of nutrition. Careful breeding has resulted in the mass associated with the animal to build up around its hindquarters where in fact the best quality meat is produced. This homin animal are available all over Atys, except within the Prime Roots. [1]


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  • 1 Principal Details
  • 2 Uses
  • 3 Valued Resources
  • 4 Exceptional Specimens
  • 4.1 Bubbles
  • 4.2 Death Yubo
  • 4.3 Ora
  • 4.4 Death Yubo (Occasion)
  • 5 Hierarchy of Types
  • 6 Sources
  • Principal Details

  • Does not have any normal immunities.
  • Moderate resistance to Rot Magic.
  • The yubo served as the model for the Yubo Plushie because of their cuteness.

    Valued Resources

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    Yubos may be quartered for:

  • Eyes
  • Finger Nails
  • Pelvises
  • Skins
  • Teeth
  • Exceptional Specimens


    A non-attackable miniature yubo that wanders the Yrkanis stables, serving as type of a town mascot.

  • Type: Unique
  • Location: Yrkanis
  • Death Yubo

  • Degree: 60
  • Type: Named
  • Level of Materials: Option
  • Location: Liberty Lake
  • Degree: 60
  • Type: Called
  • Level of Materials: Exceptional
  • Location: Majestic Garden
  • Death Yubo (Occasion)

    A unique sorts of Death Yubo that spawned senior sizzle discount code during Halloween. See Halloween 2009.

  • Degree: 70
  • Type: Unique
  • Level of Materials: Supreme
  • Location: Under Spring
  • EXHIBIT 10.6




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